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Terms of submission of the form

This Producer does not currently accept unsolicited projects or materials. However, if you decide to send us any kind of material by electronic means, you agree that these materials may be deleted without being read or reviewed.

In addition, given the position of this Producer in the entertainment industry and the audiovisual sector, you will understand that we receive many materials relating to ideas, formats, stories, scripts, proposals, etc., and that many of them are similar and even identical to projects that this Producer has developed itself or is in the process of developing. For this reason, by attaching materials not requested by the Producer, you explicitly acknowledge that the Producer’s policy of reception with regard to unsolicited materials necessarily implies the acceptance of these terms, which you understand and accept. Furthermore, at this time, there is no type of professional or confidential agreement between you and this Producer.

Likewise, you accept that the submission of this material implies no kind of obligation, either present or future, for the Klaxon Global Media, nor any kind of commitment or expectation, nor does it generate any economic or compensatory rights in your favour.