Picasso and Barcelona


Original Title: Picasso y Barcelona

Category: Documentaries

Date: 2015

Broadcast: Spanish Public TV (TVE)

Production: Direction and screenplay by Daniel and Jaime Serra (Klaxon Global Media) for RBA Audiovisual


Documentary that investigates the relationship between the painter from Malaga and the city he donated some of his works to before he died, for the museum named after him and which he never got to know. Picasso visited Barcelona for the first time at the age of 13. He moved to Barcelona, where he set up his first studio, where he made his first engraving and put on his first exhibition. Of the city he discovered, Picasso said: "Allí es donde comenzó todo. Allí es donde comprendí hasta dónde podía llegar (That's where everything started. That's where I realized how far I could go)."

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