Our method

We study the market, trends and achievements here and abroad, both in television and in transmedia content. Then we consider the future possibilities under the following premise: each part contributes a unique experience independently of the rest. When we are sure about it, we work on:


Creativity, formats, entertainment

  • Creation of contents and programmes on set and on location related to current affairs and/or entertainment, as well as documentaries for cinema and television.
  • Adaptation of international tv formats.
  • Marketing of rights of our own or other companies’ formats to channels and/or producers.


Programmes, adaptation, marketing

  • Production and co-production for other channels or producers (offline, online, transmedia).
  • News coverage and technical coverage of events, campaigns and current affairs.
  • Specific production (documentation, script, recording, editing) and postproduction services to any type of company or producer.


Advising, training, coaching

  • Advice to companies inside or outside the sector on matters of content, media, communication, dissemination and marketing of formats, programmes and campaigns.
  • Transmedia and strategic communication consultancy for private companies and for public institutions and administrations.
  • Training and coaching of spokespersons, political leaders and business executives in the field of communication (Agbar, Suez Spain, Danone, etc.).